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Do you run a blog or manage a social media community that focuses on cooking, healthy eating and living? You might be interested in becoming an affiliate for one of our products.

Becoming an affiliate is very simple and it's a great way  to spread the message of healthy eating while earning some extra cash along the way.

Who can become an affiliate

Anyone! Affiliate products work best as genuine recommendations so we highly recommend that you get familiar with the eBooks first and promote them contextually, such as in a personal review or a testimonial, as a complimentary tool or product to your business or service, or as part of a relevant e-commerce product range.

If you need a digital copy of any of the eBooks, please email eatdrinkpaleo@gmail.com and we'll sort you out.

Depending on your audience size and relevance of the product, you can earn anywhere between $50 to $500 per month. There are many clever ways of promoting our eBook to your audience.

More reading on how to get the most out of an affiliate programs here:

10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog or 6 More Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Blogs.

Terms & Conditions

  • All reports and payments are in Australian dollars but we can send them to you in your currency;
  • You get paid monthly, on the 2nd of the month (e.g. payment on Mar 2nd is Feb).
  • We pay via PayPal, however we can arrange a direct transfer;
  • You must comply with good online etiquette and not breach copyright laws while promoting our eBook within you own channels.

Email us at eatdrinkpaleo@gmail.com for further info.

Two-week Paleo Meal Plan

Product price AUD$12.95/US$9.50

Your affiliate share is 35%

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Guide to Culinary Herbs & Spices

Product price AUD$9.95/US$7.34

Your affiliate share is 35%

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Rejuvenate Program

Product price AUD$29.95

Your affiliate share is 35%

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