Happy Go Paleo is out in Australia & New Zealand . Stay tuned for when the book is released in other countries.

About the Cookbook

"Paleo is often perceived as militant and too hard to sustain on an ongoing basis. In Happy Go Paleo, I showcase a softer approach. Using key paleo guidelines and ingredients as a foundation, I choose to incorporate certain whole foods like buckwheat, white rice and butter in some of my recipes. I believe that a little paleo goes a long way and everyone can benefit from the diet, but we need to emphasise the need for flexibility and personalisation. It's my ‘80/20’ approach to the paleo way of eating." Irena xx

Why This Cookbook Is For You

Cookbook Chapters

My Real-Food Philosophy

  • Happy Go Paleo
  • What Does Nourishment Meat to Me?
  • What is Paleo?
  • My Favourite Nourishing Foods
  • Foods I Avoid
  • Reducing the Toxic Load
  • Getting Started

Meals & Recipes

  • Breakfasts & Lunches
  • Nourished in a Hurry
  • Cheap Thrills
  • Favourite Feasts
  • Treats
  • Basics

Plus Two-week Meal Plan and Glossary

Meal Samples